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Lee Ann Norris is a lifestyle, family and high school senior photographer in the Treasure Valley area of Idaho. I am so happy you are here and checking out the site. Sessions with me are fun, laid-back and full of laughter. I can’t wait to get to know you!

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Today’s Talkative Tuesday is raw, and it is real.  This is a copy of my blog post from November 18, 2017, and since that blog isn’t anymore, I want this documented.  Although this year, as this date approached I wasn’t freaking out.  I was calm, I was collected, and I was okay.  Because I survived, […]


November 21, 2018

Talkative Tuesday: Volume 2

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You guys!! If you are back.. you know I love Talkative Tuesday!! Heck I love any reason to talk. First things first.  If you are new, I am a Mom to two amazing and crazy kids.  And you will see them on my site.. on the blog and different times.  They are fairly willing models. […]


November 6, 2018

Talkative Tuesday!! Volume One

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I think the first blog post, is always the hardest.  I have the habit of writing and erasing, but there is no time like now to get this going.  First things first, I am back!  If you don’t know me this doesn’t make any sense to you.  But after closing my business, known as Photography […]


November 5, 2018




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